The Alvaro Faria, Lda started its activity in 1989 with the manufacture of molds for plastic injection parts for the branches, auto, textiles, sanitary ware.

Currently designated as Alvaro Faria, Lda. Develops and manufactures against various needs, especially for the Industry Automation and Robotics, Electronics, Mechanics and Aeronautics. Bets on new technologies and innovations and is destined for the market of automation, processing lines and assembly stations, as well as the development and production of technical parts high accuracy and quality. Not least, Alvaro Faria, Lda. Is committed in obtaining quality equipment for their production, combined with a good training of its employees, managing to achieve a high quality level of your products that currently makes available to all its customers.

The Alvaro Faria, Lda. Has a high degree of quality and requirement in the manufacture of its products, allowing it to also operational in the field of manufacturing of technical parts, high precision and quality. It is a company with quality process implemented since 2005, ISO 9001: 2008, as soon became a company focused on the future with guaranteed quality of their products in an increasingly demanding market.

All products represented here are manufactured according to the highest standards of quality and with 27 years of experience that Alvaro Faria, Lda. Always placed to satisfy its customers.

"(...)a company oriented to the future with quality of its products guarantee"

Where are we

Rua Senhora Carmo, nº18
4700-613, Celeirós
Phone: 253 672 068
Fax: 253 672 087